The new Sonic 2 trailer has me HYPED!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) - "Official Trailer" - Paramount Pictures

I loved the first Sonic movie. It was the last film I saw before the pandemic and I still carry around the ticket stub as a sentimental reminder of the film and a time before my life was changed by this horrible virus. But Sonic 2 is coming in April 2022 (please?) and Paramount dropped a new trailer earlier today.

Verdict: I am hyped!

It features Sonic (of course) alongside Dr Robotnik in his “new” bald-headed/wild moustachioed style and the introduction of Tails. Oh, and that other character. You know, the red one with the knuckles. I think he’s called Punchy or something…

When this comes out, it will be the next film I see in the cinema. And I’ll keep that ticket stub too. Did I say I was hyped?

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