The Best of Razz Prince

Phoneshop - The Best of Razz Prince

I can’t remember why I started watching PhoneShop but it was a brilliant decision. I’ve not heard a single bad word said about it and I don’t plan on changing that. Why would I need people with wrong opinions in my life anyway? Every character brings something unique, eccentric, and hilarious to the table: Jerwayne and his suave sophistication, occasionally broken by strong weed and his sleeping habits; Ashley, his sidekick and confidant, with his white Jafaican accent hiding god knows what else; Christopher aka “New Man” and his desperation to fit in with everyone, Lance and his terrible management skills in the shop and apparently in the bedroom; and Janine who is so off-kilter and a true personification of non-sequitur.

But of all the guest appearances on the show, Razz Prince is my favourite. Played by Kayvan Novak and better known for his roles as Fonejacker and Waj in Four Lions, Razz is a PhoneShop area manager who initially takes a liking to Christopher before New Man sees him for what he really is. But it’s the ridiculous antics and quotes that make Razz Prince what he is. Of course there’s an element of elitism to his character (his brand is literally called The Elite Selling Crew) but deep down, he’s just like the rest of them.

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