D&D moral alignments of One Tree Hill characters

I was a huge One Tree Hill fan until Lucas and Peyton (played by Hilarie Burton) left (although the Brooke and Julian story arc was good). A few days ago, Screen Rant published a list of D&D moral alignments for 10 of its main characters and I’m not 100% they’re accurate.

In case you don’t know what a D&D moral alignment is, it’s a way to categorise a character based on their morals and ethics based on Dungeons & Dragons. There are 2 axes split into 3 to make a matrix 9 different alignments:

GoodLawful GoodNeutral GoodChaotic Good
NeutralLawful NeutralTrue NeutralChaotic Neutral
EvilLawful EvilNeutral EvilChaotic Evil
The D&D alignment matrix

From the original list, the obvious ones are right — Haley and Dan on either side of the good/evil spectrum (respectively of course) but it starts to fall off with Peyton’s alignment: chaotic neutral. Chaotic, yes (very) but neutral? She’s much closer to good than evil and given the crap she had to go through in her life (mum dying, almost bleeding to death, dealing with her undying love for Lucas who messed her around a million times, her fake brother-turned-maniacal stalker), she did pretty well to keep it all together and live happily ever after.

And as for Nathan being chaotic good, he only turned good at the end. He was very much Dan’s son for the first few seasons and he was pretty shitty to Haley for that time and after his accident in Season 5. Oh, and the rivalry with Lucas. For me, that characteristic selfishness brings it to at least neutral.

(UDPATE: Upon further consideration, I think chaotic good is right. A lot of his shitty behaviour was down to his manipulative father and Haley really brought out the goodness in him.)

A couple of characters are unaligned including Brooke and Mouth. Brooke was very much the bitchy cheerleader but she was very loyal and caring and she got through the story arc with her mother with her head held high and coped with Julian and his issues in the last couple of seasons. She deserves at least a Neutral Good in my opinion. And Mouth should be up with Haley in Lawful Good as far as I’m concerned. He was a good guy (but not a Nice Guy™️).

And finally Lucas Scott as Lawful Good. Now, I’m biased because I feel he mistreated Peyton (and Brooke) throughout the show and that brings it down to neutral for me. I know the show was primarily about him being the archetypal protagonist who could write and play basketball really well (arguably better than Nathan) and also have feelings but his treatment of his two main love interests on the show can’t be ignored for the sake of the narrative.

There were other characters mentioned like Quinn and Clay but I barely remember them and to be honest, their story arc was boring.

Hilarie Burton on leaving Hollywood

Hilarie Burton

I don’t pay attention to celebrity news but this caught my because I follow Hilarie Burton on Instagram and it was interesting.

In an interview with CBS News, she explained how she left Hollywood for a Rhinebeck, a small town in upstate New York, and found comfort.

“I found so much self-worth in this community that I hadn’t in work. […] When I’d accomplished everything I said I was gonna accomplish at a young age and still didn’t really like myself, there was a problem.”

Her reason for moving there with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan was “the memory — and destruction — of similar small towns where they both grew up”.

“The small towns disappeared. The mom-and-pop shops disappeared. Everything got replaced by big, massive chains. So when we found this community that was all mom-and-pop shops, it was so important to us that we preserved it and we honored it in a way that other people maybe saw the value in it.”

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s the time inside and away from everyone has been good for things like this — taking stock of where you are, what you’re doing, and why you’re here. For many of us, that can be difficult to face, especially if you were just getting your life together or at least trying to (myself included). I’m still doing it now and extracting yourself from an environment that leaves you unfulfilled can be liberating. I’m happy that she has found peace in her new surroundings with her family.