Skander Khlif – Tram To Lisbon

© Skander Khlif

Skander Khlif is a German photographer and his latest photo series shows areas of Lisbon via the city’s famous trams.

Some info on the Lisbon trams:

The Lisbon tramway network is a system of trams that serves Lisbon, capital city of Portugal. In operation since 1873, it presently comprises six lines. The system has a length of 31 km, and 63 trams in operation (45 historic “Remodelados”, 8 historic “Ligeiros” and 10 modern articulated trams). The depot is located in Santo Amaro, in Alcântara.

via wikipedia

Despite visiting Lisbon three times since 2017 (including November this year), I’ve yet to ride the tram. Photos like these will inspire me to do it next year.

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