Potato milk is apparently a thing

I’ve written about donkey milk, moose milk, and pea milk but there’s a new milk in town: potato milk.

Moss & Fog covered potato milk on Monday and its environmental benefits:

First came cow’s milk. Then soy, rice, and almond milk came on the scene. A plethora of other nut milks joined the party, until oat milk took the spotlight a few years ago.

Now there’s another dairy alternative, this one in the form of potato milk! We had to do a double take, it seemed so out of the ordinary. But Dug, a premium entrant from Sweden promises delicious creamy taste, with a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional alternatives.

The main benefits from an environmental perspective is its water use. Almond milk is notorious for requiring a lot of water to produce it but potato milk is more sustainable and requires fewer resources to grow.

Try some Dug via this taster pack on Amazon or check the official website for a list of stockists.

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