Paul R. Williams's archive finds a home

paul r. williams

In June, Karen Elyse Hudson, author, granddaughter of Paul R. Williams and family historian, announced that his archive had been acquired by the USC School of Architecture and the Getty Research Institute (GRI) in a joint partnership.

“To others he is often referred to as ‘the architect to the stars,’ to his grandchildren, he was simply the best grandfather ever. My journey has been one of awe and encouragement. Never once did I believe my work was my gift to him, for it has been, and will always be, his gift to us.”

Both USC and GRI will converse and digitise of the Williams archive with each institution using the archive for different reasons:

GRI will make the archive a significant part of its African American Art History Initiative (AAAHI), while USC will add it to their new USC Center for Architecture + City Design.

(via Hyperallergic)

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