Is coffee or tea healthier for you?

WaPo posted a cool infographic examining the health benefits of coffee and tea. But which hot beverage is the healthiest?

Do you start your mornings with a potent dose of caffeine from a freshly brewed cup of Joe? Or do you prefer a slightly less caffeinated nudge from a warm and gentle cup of tea?

Whatever your preference, scientists have found that regularly drinking coffee or tea can provide a variety of health benefits. But how do coffee and tea compare in a head-to-head matchup? We took a look at the research, and here’s what we found.

Of course, there are broad spectra for both drinks as there are myriad of teas and coffees but the main criteria for analysis were:

  • As sources of fibre
  • Their effects on mental focus
  • What they do to your gut
  • Their effects on heart disease, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, stress, and life expectancy

Tea and coffee related: panda tea, made from panda poo, how to brew Chinese tea correctly, how to brew coffee like it’s the 19th century, and some cool coffees with Rikesh and Adriel.

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