Cool Coffee with Adriel Hawkins aka Big Groove

Cool Coffee is a new feature for Cultrface where I ask people to talk about their favourite coffee brands. The second instalment comes from Adriel Hawkins aka Big Groove (and go listen to his latest album, Quarantunes, out on Bandcamp and all good digital retailers!)

Kahawa 1893

I love their coffee blends but I really love their unique roasts like Rum Barrel-Aged and Whiskey Barrel-Aged coffee beans. Also, they are black woman-owned which is always a plus for me.

Black Girl Black Coffee

Another black-woman owned coffee which features my personal favorite region, Burundi. I’ve come across many other brands that roast the same region but BGBC is one of the few that I was 100% confident in getting the roast and taste that I desire.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

This brand is local (DFW, TX) to me. They are Mexican-owned (mexicano honorario).They have a great selection of beans with notes that draw you in. I love their accessibility. You can find beans at their roastery or find them in grocery stores and other coffee shops in the area.

Addison Coffee Roasters

Another local brand. They have a wide selection of coffee from regions to blends to flavored coffees. They also sell green coffee beans so you can roast the beans at home as you like.

Abra Coffee

Specialty coffee based in Miami. They have an interesting model which is only offering 2 regions per month that they call Old World and New World. This causes me to drink from regions I have not considered before.

(You can also follow Adriel on Instagram account at @biggroove_ and @beats_and_beans)

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