I'm dreaming of a White Christmas Calculator

The folks at Omni Calculator have created a White Christmas Calculator that can tell you your chances of snow on Christmas Day depending on location.

If you want to improve your chances of having a white Christmas experience, we will show you which city you should choose as your destination. Finally, we will let you know whether you will be able to build an igloo! The white Christmas calculator provides data for 200 places across the USA and Canada. Put on the tree lights (ensuring you’ve got the perfect coverage with the christmas tree decorations calculator), decorate the house, prepare delicacies and look forward to spending a marvelous white Christmas with your friends and family!

The downside, as the quote suggests, is that it only works for the USA and Canada so UK hopefuls will have to rely on the Met Office and a lot of luck, as white Christmases are getting rarer over time:

As of Thursday 15 December, bookmakers estimate the chances of a white Christmas this year at no better than 35% for the places they are taking bets on. The best chance of a white Christmas is in Edinburgh.

The Met Office climate scientist Prof Lizzie Kendon said: “As our climate warms, our winters in the UK are becoming warmer on average which is already leading to a reduction in the number and severity of cold extremes we experience.

“Although this trend will continue under further global warming, the UK can still expect to experience cold spells of weather due to the natural variability of the British weather. Although becoming less frequent, days below freezing known as ice days will still be possible in the future although they will be rarer.”

Keep those gloved fingers crossed!

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