How can you mend these broken teeth?

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I can’t remember how I found this but I did and I’m sharing it with all of you. It features a dentist repairing a pair of broken incisors and it’s quite cool to see the process. A commenter left this message to describe it:

[…] Prepped the surface, acid etched, rinsed and dried, bonding agent, cure, composite materials, on. That’s a curing light to harden material. It’s important to keep surface dry. Some of the instruments are a burnisher, IPC, explorer, high speed drill and I can’t recall what kind of bit. Use a color chart to match up composite or “filling material.” It looks simple, but it is an art. Have to learn dental anatomy. Also get proper articulation. This one was done by a great dentist.

I’m not vain but I take pride in my teeth and smile so if I needed this, I’d probably get it done.

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