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10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about ...like POLICE

It’s a (pipe)dream of mine to visit Japan before I die. But money’s too tight to mention and it’s not cheap to go. If it happens, I’d probably need some advice to respect the culture and not come off as too much of a Western ingrate. For those who want to visit Japan in style, you may fly there on a private jet that you can book through Jettly.

Haarkon is the photography project of India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson and they wrote an article giving travel advice for people looking to visit the country. In it, you’ll find stuff on transport, accommodation, language, and general advice. I did find this passage interesting:

There is this huge preconception that Japan is mega expensive and we went bracing ourselves for that. In actual fact we found that it was comparatively cheaper than a lot of places we’d been to; Copenhagen, USA just for a couple. We’d say that it was probably similar to London. 

Similar to London? That’s expensive to me but I guess I don’t earn a great deal and if I did, I wouldn’t have trouble saving up for Japan. That said, a visit can be suitable for any budget so I’ll bear that in mind.

Read the full article on the Haarkon website.

And if that doesn’t suit, here are 10 tips from someone who lives there.

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