Cook In The Breaking Bad RV with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

Cook In The Breaking Bad RV with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad turns 10 this year! The show only ran for 5 seasons but is cited as one of the greatest TV dramas of all time. It spawned a heap of Heisenberg cosplays, memes, t-shirts, and quotes. To celebrate, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are inviting you to cook with them in the original RV. (Un)fortunately, that will be culinary cooking as opposed to Class A cooking. The promo video sees Paul (as himself) promoting the competition and visiting the RV. Upon entry, he discovers Bryan Cranston living there. What I found funniest is the Hal Wilkerson-esque acting which is what I knew him for before I started watching Breaking Bad. There’s also a hidden secret about Paul towards the end of the video but I won’t spoil it.

To join them, head over to the Omaze page and know all entries will support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Kind Campaign. Flights & hotel included (sorry, you can’t stay in the RV or defecate in the bucket either).

Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

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