Cook In The Breaking Bad RV with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

Cook In The Breaking Bad RV with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

After watching this video, I felt compelled to share it not least because it’s hilarious.

Breaking Bad turns 10 this year! The show only ran for 5 seasons but is cited as one of the greatest TV dramas of all time. It spawned a heap of Heisenberg cosplays, memes, t-shirts, and quotes. To celebrate, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are inviting you to cook with them in the original RV. (Un)fortunately, that will be culinary cooking as opposed to Class A cooking. The promo video sees Paul (as himself) promoting the competition and visiting the RV. Upon entry, he discovers Bryan Cranston living there. What I found funniest is the Hal Wilkerson-esque acting which is what I knew him for before I started watching Breaking Bad. There’s also a hidden secret about Paul towards the end of the video but I won’t spoil it.

To join them, head over to the Omaze page and know all entries will support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Kind Campaign. Flights & hotel included (sorry, you can’t stay in the RV or defecate in the bucket either).

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