Christopher Meloni reads thirst tweets about his ass

Christopher Meloni Reads Thirst Tweets

First thing’s first – this content is probably NSFW. You don’t actually see Christopher Meloni’s butt in this article but there are plenty of sexual references to it.

I admit I enjoy seeing Elliot Stabler when I watch SVU reruns every weeknight on 5 USA. But not for his ass. No, that posterior worship is reserved for the people of the internet as he found out when he read thirst tweets about him.

What’s the fascination with Christopher Meloni’s bum?

Look at the guy. From his time on the drama series Oz, to his 12-year stint on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, the actor has garnered fans of his acting and physique in equal measure.

And there are a lot of web pages about his ass. BuzzFeed made the video at the centre of this article, but in 2015, Alex Naidus and Lara Parker co-wrote Literally Just 17 Pictures Of Christopher Meloni’s Butt, with the subheading “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.” Do a search to find the rest (with photographic evidence of said derrière).

Thirst tweets

The video clocks in at just under 3 minutes but that’s enough time for Chris to dive into some of the raunchiest thoughts of Twitter and he loved every one of them.

His favourite tweet involved someone’s imaginary conversation with a partner, a “Christopher Meloni mask” and making the “bumm bumm” sound from Law & Order when they… just watch the video and find out for yourself. This post is too erotic.

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