30,000 free photographs from Black cultures made available at Getty’s Archive (for non-commercial use)

The global picture agency has launched the Black History and Culture Collection to raise awareness of the history of black people in the US and UK, providing free non-commerical access to the historical and cultural images. Getty will grant access to educators, academics, researchers, and content creators, “enabling them to tell until stories around black culture.”

The curated collection has been handpicked from Getty’s voluminous archive, thought to contain over two million photographs.

I like that they’ve covered the US and UK for this collection as the experiences and cultures of Black people in the UK often get overlooked for the former.

Images are available by request for free non-commercial and educational use, and you can make those requests on the Getty Images website.

Related to image collections: when The Louvre put its entire collection online, when New York’s Met Museum published over 375,000 images for free use, and the Wayland Rudd Collection depicting ties between the USSR and Black liberation

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