yr fave film critic: my new favourite podcast

yr fave film critic s01e21: cm punk in love

yr fave film critic is a podcast hosted by The Armchair Auteur aka Dom Griffin. In it, he discussed film news (and often wrestling news), what he’s watched in that week, and answers questions from listeners/viewers with episodes usually coming out every Friday.

I struggle to get into and keep up with podcasts because I have to be “in the mood” for them compared to music where I passively listen. But yr fave film critic demands just enough concentration that you focus but not so much that you have to stop everything you’re doing or you’ll miss something important. I think that’s by design, knowing how Dom creates, and that’s what makes the podcast so approachable and easy to listen to.

You can follow yr fave film critic wherever you get your podcasts (heh) and you can stream the video versions on YouTube (the updated playlist is above).

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