Young In Hong: We Where

“Ishmael: Even the Gorilla Needs a Flower” and “One Gate between Two Worlds” by Hong Young-in (PKM Gallery)

UK-based artist Hong Young-in currently has her debut solo exhibition, “Young In Hong: We Where”, on display at PKM Gallery in Seoul, South Korea. She told The Korea Herald:

“I am interested in history. I never knew when I was in South Korea that I was living in an oppressive society in the 1970s and 1980s. Then I started to realize it was a suppressed and male-dominated society as I look back on the times from a distance, living abroad.”

“Collaboration is not about simply joining in to work together. I always think about the process of how my work could change by working with performers and master craftsmen.”

The exhibition runs until 26th February.

(via The Korea Herald)

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