What does Batman eat?

The Daily Crate did some investigating on Batman, one of the most famous investigators of all time, to find out what the hell he eats.

Sometimes, nothing. A common trope in Batman comics is ever-faithful butler Alfred trying to get Bruce to eat. Food often sits cold and uneaten next to the Bat-Computer, despite his best efforts. He is, apparently, much more successful in feeding the actual bats that call the cave home. But, sometimes, Batman takes a bite out of more than just crime.

Early comics show Batman eating an “Olympian” diet of steak and salad while out on the town as Bruce Wayne. The 60s Batman TV series featured important lessons from the not-so-Dark Knight like “drink your milk” and “eat your vegetables.” In multiple comics through the modern age, Batman is sometimes shown eating sandwiches while patrolling Gotham’s rooftops — it is rarely discussed where he keeps these sandwiches while fighting crime. And, of course, Batman is one of the few heroes who can withstand Green Arrow’s infamously hot chili. Presumably because he’s Batman.

Of course, in live action movies, we’ve seen some eating attempts:

  • In Batman (1989), you’ll have seen him have dinner with Vicki Vale (with two different meals in two different rooms, all prepared by Alfred)
  • In Batman Returns, he ate some vichyssoise (so Bruce is a soup guy?)
  • In Batman Forever, Alfred offered him some food before he went out in the Batmobile, to which Batman said “I’ll get drive-thru.”

That’s all I can think of right now but please leave a comment if you can think of anymore examples.

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