Waddles the Duck and his new prosthetic leg

A Duck Gets a Prosthetic Leg | Wizard of Paws

The video shows Waddles the duck getting a new 3D-printed leg and his owner, Ben Weinman (formerly of The Dillinger Escape Plan), was thrilled with the results and explained his emotions in the video:

I didn’t think I would be, like, emotional about this. But when you take these animals, all you want to do is give them a good life and do right by them. And you see them struggling, and you think there’s nothing you could do. It’s, it’s really heartbreaking. So yeah, Derrick [Campana] knocked it out of the park.

The aforementioned Derrick Campana is a prosthetic specialist and owner of Bionic Pets who made Waddles’ prosthetic leg.

I won’t front—this made me cry. I love ducks anyway but seeing Waddles waddle with his new leg was so heartwarming. Can I hug the duck? Is that possible?

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