The worst TV channels to get stuck on (according to my Twitter friends)

I asked my Twitter followers this question, after spending 3 hours watching a news channel:

if you were stuck in a room for 24 hours with a TV and no remote, means of switching it off, or way of leaving before your time ran out, what is the worst channel you could be stuck with?

And this is what they said:

Any news channel.

Kuma Gold (tweet)

The news channel

Or a sports channel, especially if its replying old games

Billie Geena (tweet)

I could live with news, but please not Sky News. Or needless to say something like Fox. But horseracing or golf would be awful too.

Daragh Nener-Lally (tweet)


Cassie Graves (tweet)

Any shopping channel!

Dave Jones (tweet)


Daniel Carmen (tweet)

I’d smash the screen.

Golf or some other sport.

Iman (tweet)

News channel would literally send me into a pit of despair after 24 hours

Verena Hallam (tweet)

I guess the news channels win (or lose?)

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