Daniel Arsham and Pokémon in Shanghai

A couple of Pikachu hanging out and experiencing art

American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham has been touring his Pokémon collab exhibit, “A Ripple in Time”, over the last year and his next stop is China, specifically Shanghai K11 Shopping Art Center.

Arsham uses pyrite, selenite, crystal, and bronze in his statues, breaking elements to show their crystalline insides; almost like a Bizarro kintsugi. iMedia asked if it was kawaii and for some, it’s a no:

A fan who came to check in on the first day of the opening told the reporter, “I saw the exhibition in Tokyo online before, and I found it very interesting. It is quite different from the previous Pokémon image, but I think it is not cute. After traveling through the millennium , maybe this is what Pokémon really look like.”

(via Jing Daily and iMedia)

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