The original Matrix trailer but it's in 35mm

The Matrix (1999) Trailer #1 [35mm] (Open Matte)

Since watching this Matrix trailer, I’ve wanted everything in 35mm. Not in replacement of, but rather additionally. I love the colours and the movement. And Keanu Reeves.

For curiosity’s sake, here’s the trailer for The Matrix presented in an uncropped aspect ratio from a raw scan. The Matrix was shot in the Super 35mm format, which captures a larger 4 perf image by using space normally reserved for the optical soundtrack. This 4 perf image (about 1.33:1) is then cropped to 2.39:1 for release, making it an easier and cost-effective way to shoot widescreen. Some Super 35mm films framed with the full 4 perf image in mind so that the eventual VHS transfer wouldn’t have to be cropped. Other films (including The Matrix) framed only for widescreen, leaving visible filming equipment on the top and bottom of the frame knowing it would be cropped for release. Watching this trailer is a cool way to learn how Super 35mm films were assembled. Matte boxes and boom mics are visible, and some of the digital VFX shots have been hard matted for widescreen.

Brb, gonna add a 35mm filter on every photo I’ve ever taken.

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