The Mandalorian pinball machine

The Mandalorian Pinball - Official Game Trailer

The Mandalorian has been a major hit for Star Wars fans and now there’s an officially licenced pinball machine for it. Stern Pinball, Inc. has made a new line of 3 Mandalorian pinball machines in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

Prepare for battle on the gravity-changing, rotating Encounter upper mini playfield available on the Premium and Limited Edition models. This innovative, motorized rotating playfield is packed with six stand-up targets, lights, and two full-size flippers for high intensity pinball action.

Watch out for ambushes! Like the Mandalorian seen in the series, players can be ambushed by enemy forces. A dynamic inner loop shot activates an up/down horseshoe scoop ramp for fast, repeatable precision shooting, creating tense experiences on the Premium and Limited Edition models.

Players can navigate their way to multiball mayhem by hitting a unique hanging uplift target attached to a custom molded Razor Crest ship. Success in hitting the target qualifies a center ramp shot on the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

Prices start at $6,199 USD for the Pro Model, $7,799 USD for the Premium Model, and $9,199 USD for the Limited Edition Model (of which only 750 will be available).

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