The LEGO Pac-Man Arcade

The LEGO Pac-Man Arcade

LEGO have created a Pac-Man Arcade. Unfortunately, it’s non-functional but it has plenty of the original charm and apparently, Pac-Man was inspired by those little yellow bricks:

There were conversations around what shade of yellow to use for LEGO PAC-MAN.

During collaborations with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. (owners of PAC-MAN), Sven later found out that the yellow used on PAC-MAN was inspired by the yellow color of LEGO bricks. Seems like it was always meant to be!

“Not knowing that PAC-MAN was inspired by LEGO bricks was quite a funny situation, as we spent a lot of time wondering what shade of yellow to go for.”

So, there you have it, it was a match made in LEGO brick heaven! We hope fans love all the features of LEGO Icons PAC-MAN. Enjoy the thrill of the challenging build, and then display it at home as a reminder of simpler times and a little slice of childhood. What better way to pay tribute to an eighties icon?

via the official LEGO website

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