The BS language of tech CEOs laying off workers

Washington Post analysed the language used by tech SEOs when they lay off workers and it’s disgusting how they couch their decisions in vague rhetoric to try and shield themselves from criticism:

A surprising number of these communications address workers using a corporate pet name, a practice that has roots in the ancient tradition of using one’s surname to indicate one’s profession, according to Ayelet Fishbach, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Like Potter or Mason in olden times, terms like Googlers and Vimeans are used today to connect people to their jobs.

But emphasizing communal bonds can be jarring in a layoff announcement, Fishbach said. Company leaders are “trying to remind people that they are family members — except that some people are no longer part of the family.”

A workforce is not a family. Never ever forget that.

Language data viz related: Reuters on pronouns and gendered language

And for a comedic take, you should watch Steve Harvey’s standup on getting fired.

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