Steven Richter made Luke's lightsaber in a day

Steven Richter made Luke's lightsaber in a day

I featured Steven Richter’s replica Jumanji board game and his Venom/Eddie Brock sculpture and now we have Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

The lightsaber actually took 14 hours to make (according to Steven’s comment on the video) which makes his feat even more remarkable. His materials included a block of wood, tools to shape it, spray paint, and masking tape (light beam not included).

Stream the abridged “making of” video below.

One Day Build - Luke's Lightsaber

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Jumanji Fan Steven Richter Builds Replica From Scratch

Making a Jumanji Board -Timelapse

According to the late Robin Williams, the word jumanji is Zulu for “many effects”. While I’m not 100% sure of its validity, this real-life board game lives up to that definition.

Steven Richter is a sculptor and prop-maker by trade and he lent his fantastic skills to a Jumanji board game just like the one from the 1995 film. Rather than any paranormal forces pulling the pieces around, Richter’s version uses simple magnets but the attention to detail is out of this world.

You can watch how the board was made below.