Serpent d'océan in France

Snake Skeleton by Loïc VINCENT on
Snake Skeleton by Loïc VINCENT on

Shout out to Zito for tweeting about this. Serpent d’océan is a sculpture by late ChineseFrench artist Huang Yong Ping. His sculpture is of a 425ft-long sea serpent skeleton (that’s about 130m) and is situated outside of Nantes in France.

Jessica Stewart wrote about it in 2018 for My Modern Met:

Astonishingly, given its size and sturdiness, Serpent d’océean (sic) is filled with movement. Its skeleton terminates in a thin, whip-like tail that cuts gracefully through the water, seemingly propelling the serpent’s body toward the shoreline. The work continually reveals itself in different guises depending on the time of day, both due to the changing tide and the light’s reflection. And interestingly, over time, as algae begins clinging to its surface, the work takes on more meaning by showing the cycle of life and nature.


The powerful serpent changes appearance according to the environment, giving a powerful message about life and nature.

Check out this Colossal article showing more incredible photos of the sculpture.

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