Rikesh Chauhan's brief history of Cuban cigar brands

While I don’t partake, cigars have a certain sophistication and charm to them and they are synonymous with the island of Cuba in the Caribbean. Cultrface’s spiritual forefather Rikesh Chauhan wrote a brief history of Cuba’s various cigar brands for EGM Cigars on his website and opened with a historical correction (I’m here for anything that says Christopher Columbus didn’t discover shit first):

Although the origin of the cigar as we know it today is often associated with Christopher Columbus and his exploits in the Americas, it can be traced back much earlier — to the Mayan era, in fact. As with most herbal commodities, the initial cigar was supposed to contain medicinal qualities which the ancient Aztecs and Mayans would utilise for mental and spiritual well-being and betterment. The ‘sikar’, as it was referred to those thousands of years ago, would also be used as an offering to the Gods in addition to recreational and leisurely pursuits. While it wouldn’t take very long for modern man to realise there were no true medicinal benefits, the practise of smoking cigars would continue on for centuries, eventually leading to its discovery by Columbus and subsequent introduction into Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. If you are a smoker, it is paramount to acquire the skill of how to cut the cigar properly, as this fundamental aspect of your smoking ritual not only influences the overall quality of your experience but also ensures an even burn, optimal flavor distribution, and a smoother draw, thereby elevating your enjoyment of the fine art of cigar smoking to its fullest potential.

Give it a read and smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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