Open Culture's list of 60 free film noir movies

The Basketball Fix (1951) Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Film noir is something I’ve really wanted to get into but I didn’t know where to start. The term describes Hollywood crime and mystery involving detectives with issues solving crimes shrouded in cynicism and darkness. While it’s known more as an American film style, film noir is often associated with black and white visuals inspired by German expressionism.

Open Culture’s list of film noir movies contain classics such as D.O.A., The Big Combo, and Detour with some of the titles also available on Amazon (but I’m sure you could find alternative vendors if you know where to look). 60 films is still a lot to go on but given some of the featured actors (Angela Lansbury of Murder, She Wrote, Frank Sinatra, Lloyd Bridges, Humphrey Bogart, and Barbara Stanwyck), that’s narrowed down my starting choices.

In the movie above, titled The Basketball Fix, a college basketball star gets himself involved with organised crime and starts point shaving to avoid fatal consequences. A sportswriter tries to save him from further trouble.

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