My review of Nope: in tweet form

A Black woman pointing to someone off screen with the caption 'You got alien and monkey shows up in here? What kinda freak ass film is this?'

I just got back from watching Nope at the cinema. Here are some of my thoughts in tweet form as I no longer have the motivation to write long form reviews (unless I’m paid). And spoiler free! Enjoy!

  • Hoe. Lee. Shit.
  • 5 stars. I nearly cried. Fucking masterpiece.
  • Won’t be looking at the clouds for at least a week. Nope.
  • Dope AF, wild AF, Black AF. Jordan Peele is a fucking DON. And Daniel Kaluuya’s character? Fucking HERO. Idol shit.
  • As I didn’t 100% get it all (obviously didn’t impede my enjoyment), I looked it up and found some very helpful explainers with quotes from Peele and it filled the knowledge gaps and made me appreciate it even more.
  • Folks are gonna be confused and not like it (and some of them will watch again to give it another chance, which I recommend) and that’s fine. I loved it and it gave me what I needed and more.
  • What I will say: the monkey subplot was eerily similar to a creepypasta I read about in the 00s. I can’t imagine they’re linked but that was jarring to watch (and, well, it was fucked up)


Nope genuinely blew me away. The cinematography, the dialogue, everything. Loved Keke Palmer’s character and that [REDACTED ANIME REFERENCE SPOILER] was extra nice.

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