Lost brioche: a decadent French bread-based dessert

A Lost Brioche dessert featuring brioche bread, ice cream, and cooked apple slices, drizzled in caramel sauce

Lost brioche is a French dessert that derives from French toast or “pain perdu” (“lost bread” in French), where the leftover brioche bread from a bakery was used to make both dishes. Where lost brioche differs from regular French toast is in its consistency, which is more gooey but decadent and sweet. The picture above came from a restaurant I visited with my family at Christmas in Nice, France last year. It was my first time eating the dessert and it was so good, I went back again a few days later to have seconds! We initially didn’t know what the name meant and thought it undersold the dessert but now I know better!

In terms of a recipe, I didn’t ask at the restaurant (it never crossed my mind to make one) and it’s hard to find one online that isn’t just for French toast which is different. I did find one on Yummly which you can follow but it lacks ingredient quantities which you’d need. If anyone reading this has a recipe, I’d be happy to host it here.

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