Johny Pitts's photo series on Black lives in Britain

Three Black people standing behind each other

Presenter and photographer Johny Pitts recently created a photo series on Black Britishness and what that means in a nation that does things to erase them:

With ideas bouncing off each other freely, one theme continued to circle back – the concept of home. “For the Black community, after years of austerity, the Windrush Scandal and Grenfell Tower – people’s homes literally burning down – it feels like the rug has been swept from underneath us,” says Pitts.

“So what is home for us in this country that seems to be imploding in some ways? Or at least going backwards,” he continues. “We realised that home is not Sheffield for me, or London for Roger – it’s actually all these different ingredients and all this community that keeps us together.”

(via Huck)

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