Jason Kottke on old McDonald's menus

McDonald's Amazing Menu  Pure Beef Hamburger - 15¢
Tempting Cheeseburger - 19¢
Triple-Thick Shakes - 20¢
Golden French Fries - 10¢
Thirst-Quenching Coke - 10¢
Delightful Root Beer - 10¢
Steaming Hot Coffee - 10¢
Full-Flavor Orange Drink 10¢ 
Refreshing Cold Milk - 12¢
Amazing value!

I can count the number of times I’ve been to a McDonald’s in the last 10 years on two hands (it would have been one had I not had a child in that time period). Even if I don’t eat any of their burgers anymore, I remember my joy as a kid, getting my Happy Meal and that one time my dad let me have a Big Mac and how enormous it was at the time. Two patties?!

It all came flooding back when I saw Jason Kottke blog on early McDonald’s menus. I forgot that they used to sell root beer (more restaurants should sell root beer) and those early prices. Of course, inflation means that they wouldn’t be so cheap now but the thought of paying a few cents for a meal or drink boggles my mind.

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