Izu Ani on his love of food and cycling

Café du Cycliste travelled to Dubai and interviewed Nigerian-British chef Izu Ani. They spoke to him about his culinary career and his love of cycling:

Amongst all this Izu dedicates a real importance to the moments he spends on his bike. This is the very particular way he has of balancing his life. In Dubai you can ride at any time of the day or night, a way to avoid the heat, a way to start a day well.

‘Pedalling is traveling, I always need that. I ride four to five times a week and alone 90% of the time. It is my time to pause and meditate, I let myself go. I love these moments. I come face to face with myself, I refocus, it’s totally essential to my life. Most often I ride alone for one to two hours, the time needed to get out of the rush.’

More on Izu Ani: The Values of Chef Izu Ani, his culinary world adventures, and opening a new French-Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai

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