Introducing the Sony SL-C7 Betamax recorder

Sony SL-C7 Betamax promotional tape | Introducing the Sony SL-C7

Sony SL-C7 tech specs

  • PAL colour
  • 75-ohm, asymmetrical aerial socket
  • UHF channel coverage
  • 260 line resolution (300 in B/W)
  • Frequency response of 50Hz–10,000Hz
  • Phono jack input/output
  • Mini jack mic
  • Tape speed: 18.73 mm/sec.
  • 2 hours 10 min, max recording time with Sony L-500 cassette. 3 hours 15 min with L-750
  • 24-hour cycle
  • For recording: 4 events/ 2 weeks, adjustable for any day or for all 7 days of the week or for every week
  • Dimensions: ~485 x 163 x 379 mm

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