I am obsessed with Chef Tyler and his grilled cheeses

$1 vs $100 Grilled Cheese

YouTube’s recommendation engine throws up all kinds of randomness when you watch enough videos of a certain type. Eventually, it decided to show me videos of some dude making grilled cheeses. And I watched more. And more. And now I’m obsessed.

The “dude” in question is called Chef Tyler, a lactose intolerant food photographer and grilled cheese connoisseur. Yes, you read that right: he’s lactose intolerant. So that means he has to try cheeses with minimal-to-no lactose in them (and I learned through his videos that there were a few, such as Muenster and Camembert with a 0–1.8% lactose range. Cheddar has 0–2.1% lactose range).

I haven’t had many grilled cheese in my life but having seen Chef Tyler’s, it has inspired me to search out different types of cheese and make my own. I hope to get a cheese pull as epic as his one day.

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