FilmGrab – An Archive Of Movie Stills And Home Of Meme Creation


We can all appreciate cinematography when we watching a beautiful shot film but capturing the stills adds permanency to its allure.

FilmGrab started out as a personal archive for its creator, Donnacha, and soon turned into a treasure trove filled with nearly 80,000 images from over 1000 movies. The images are free to use for personal use and one of those uses could be for memes (if you’re creative enough.) With so many films to choose from and a wide range of genres, there’s bound to be something “memeifiable” in there.

Of course, these kinds of sites cost money to maintain and Donnacha has created a Patreon if you wanted to pledge to the cause. We strongly recommend you do. No matter what you use FilmGrab for – providing it’s not for commercial purposes – you should appreciate the time and care taken by both Donnacha and the film makers themselves in creating cultural showpieces.

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