D&D moral alignments in Blade Runner

For Screen Rant, Megan Summers assigned each character from Blade Runner with a D&D moral alignment:

Deckard: Lawful Neutral

The movie’s protagonist and anti-hero is a plainclothes bounty hunter working for the Los Angeles Police Department. His job is “retiring,” aka killing, replicants. While he’s good at what he does, he follows his own code. As the film progresses, Deckard develops a romantic relationship with the replicant Rachael, and his views about the value of replicant life change.

Lawful Neutral Deckard exists in the bureaucratic world of private enterprise and public sectors, resigned to his professional obligations. Deckard tries to keep his feelings out of the equation, an increasingly difficult task as he becomes more involved with the world of replicants.

Here it is in table form:

GoodJ.F. SebastianRachael
EvilHarry Bryant/TyrellRoy

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