CBR's top 10 gaming ducks

I’m a duck fan and I’m a casual gamer. So CBR’s 10 Best Ducks In Gaming beaked my interest and I discovered there were a lot of more ducks in games than I thought. Here’s #10:

10. FFXIV’s “Ducks” Create More Questions Than They Answer

Final Fantasy XIV has a vast array of birds, from dodos to pigeons, from chocobos to phoenixes. Still, amid all the feathers, the common duck is strangely absent. A possible exception is the “ugly duckling” minion. While it may be a cygnet or gosling, some localizations simply call it a duck.

In addition, duck bones are present as an item. The pieces of lore around the bones tell the tale of one Frandelont Raimdelle, who claimed the quacking of the “common” duck to be a sign of demonic influence and attempted to define the creatures, not as beasts, but as sinister and intelligent “spoken.”

My #1 fave Donald Duck is in the list, but not in the place I wanted him to be (that accolade when to his uncle). Who are your favourite ducks in gaming? Leave a comment!

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