Bart vs. Homer in 'Super Slugfest'

Videogames on TV - (1990) - Simpsons S01E06 - Boxing Game

I’ve covered video games in The Simpsons before on the blog but this one caught my attention as I couldn’t remember it in its episode (S01E06). The game is called Super Slugfest, a standard boxing game in 16-bit but with 8-bit music and 3D-ish motion? Bart keeps beating Homer, Homer hates losing, and then goes to the arcade to see how he can get better. I love that the game was not only on consoles but also arcades—nice touch.

I also like how they used joysticks instead of D-pad controllers which were more common around the time (1989). This seemed less about attention to detail and more about the psychosocial aspect of a father losing to his son at something. And then Marge does the unthinkable (which you can see at the end of the video).

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