An original clarified milk punch

Via Mary Rockett’s original recipe from 1711 (an adaptation can be found on Cook’s Illustrated):


  • Two gallons of hot milk
  • One gallon of brandy
  • Five quarts of water
  • Eight lemons
  • Two pounds of sugar


  1. Let the mixture sit for an hour
  2. Strain it through a flannel bag
  3. Pour over ice

Lasts for months. No refrigerator required.

What is clarified milk?

Clarified milk is a result of lactic acid curdling the milk, creating curds and whey and leaving a cloudy liquid that becomes “clarified” when poured through. The curd acts as a filter for the leftover liquid and traps any particulates.

Other clarified milk punch recipes

For more advanced and varied recipes, try Alton Brown’s version with Earl Grey, port, and rum, Blossom to Stem’s version with pineapple, coriander, and cinnamon, and Difford’s Guides’s version with vodka, breakfast tea, and orange juice.

(h/t Atlas Obscura)

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