An interview with Ariel Woodson aka kiddotrue

Another day, another great interview with my friend, Ariel aka kiddotrue, especially for Black History Month.

What is your favourite city in the world?

Hands down, New Orleans.

What’s the most unusual item you take everywhere you go?

Red lipstick. Can totally change the mood of an outfit or event in an instant.

Why do you do what you do?

Fat people are people and should be treated as such. That’s what fat liberation is all about and until things like access to medical care, fashion and media representation are all equal, there’s no end to the fight.

Where do you go to relax?

There are these amazing spa and sauna buildings all over the area where I live. I could go sit in a pool of hot, bubbling water for hours (and I have)!

69, 280, or 420?

420! I like big, even numbers.

How do you say goodbye in your culture?


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