A Spotify Playlist Of Tennis Songs

Football may have the monopoly when it comes to sports-related music but tennis has its own quirky tunes. Here’s playlist of tennis songs to enjoy.

Wimbledon is drawing to a close, with all the remaining finals being played this weekend. To mark the end of those two weeks of tennis court action, here is a selection of tennis-themed tracks (in one way or another). I couldn’t believe some of the titles and artist names when I was spot-digging for songs. It just so happens I’m working on a Federer-themed album but it hasn’t left the idea stage yet.

Some of the tracks are obviously tennis-related, like Pixel Perfect’s Tennis Court and Indian Wells’s Wimbledon 1980. But some are coincidental like Jackie McLean’s Davis Cup. Wyclef Jean’s I’m Ready is the most tenuously linked song; a nod to players telling their opponents that they’re ready to receive serve.

Of course, tennis is for life not just for the Wimbledon Championships, so enjoy this playlist all year round and check out the tracklist below the player.


  • Tennis – Needle And A Knife
  • Sky Sailing – Tennis Elbow
  • De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve – Tennis
  • Jim Noir – Ping Pong Time Tennis
  • Pixel Perfect – Tennis Court
  • Telemachus – Tennis Season
  • Binge – “Grand Slam Man (Roger Federer)”
  • Indian Wells – Wimbledon 1980
  • Florent Campana – Roland Garros
  • Sasse – Flushing Meadows
  • The Herbaliser – Game Set and Match
  • Jackie McLean – Davis Cup
  • Yannick Noah – On court
  • The German Art Students – Bjorn Borg
  • Wyclef Jean – I’m Ready
  • Profesor Mercury – Astro-Música Rafa nadal Op. 350 -A-
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