A fully-fledged 35mm camera made from LEGO

Someone by the username Zung92 submitted a functioning 35mm camera as a LEGO IDEA:

I would like to see LEGO not just a display toy, but a real functional tool that people can customize and use daily.

My most important objective is to make a fully functional 35 mm film camera entirely of existing LEGO parts. And the main goal is also to make it affordable and portable, that’s why I try to make it as compact as possible. ZH1 is built of 582 existing LEGO parts and 4 colours in total (main colours are metallic silver and black)

The camera comes with all the usual features you’d expect:

  • Shutter button
  • Film advance
  • Film take-up reel
  • Wind lever with wind release
  • Customizable lens
  • Full-frame or half-frame

If this came to fruition, I could see it taking off in certain circles and especially for kids wanting to get into photography. You might say it’d be good exposure for them. Geddit?!

(via Hackaday)

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