100 deep burns by Dr Niles Crane

50 Best Niles Crane Burns
50 More Niles Crane Burns

Frasier might be coming back and while I’m not sure it’s going to be the same (especially without Martin Crane RIP), I’m looking forward to more of Niles Crane’s scathing comments.

While Frasier could throw some decent intellectual punches, Niles’s delivery sliced through to the point of speechlessness. And now you can watch not 50 but 100 examples of his witty comebacks.

And as for the Frasier revival?

“We’ve got a couple of TV things coming up, a possible Frasier reboot […] We’re getting a script now and we’ve pitched the idea, we’re putting it out there.”

Kelsey Grammar on the possibility of a new Frasier series

Let’s see how many burns Niles can fit in for that. In the meantime, stream 100 of his best below.

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