"The road not taken" by Arnaud Montagard

In his photo series “The road not taken”, French photographer Arnaud Montagard took shots of America, from Idaho to New Mexico, capturing its Americana essence.

“My work is above all a story about light. The strong shadows create a feeling that make the pictures look like paintings.”

There is a timeless elegance that Arnaud Montagard captures in his photography that echoes work by painters such as Edward Hopper. An isolated figure, lit beautifully, staring out of view or caught in his own thoughts. Or classic American diners with their strong retro shades and bold lines. You’ll find the same subtly and eye for detail throughout his portfolio. Whether that is through his analogue film or digital work.

Setanta Books on Arnaud Montagard

The Road Not Taken is available as a photo book and while it is currently sold out, Setanta Books will be releasing limited edition copies later in the year.

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