The New Yorker on Andrea Illy's 'World Cup of Coffee'

The New Yorker explored Andrea Illy’s idea of a ‘World Cup of Coffee’, featuring a (temporarily) tired group of coffee appreciators to judge twenty-seven cups from nine countries:

Early on a recent Thursday morning, nine coffee experts gathered on the fortieth floor of the Edition Hotel in midtown. Their task was to drink—or sip at—twenty-seven cups from nine different countries. The first nine would be cold-brewed; the next nine, drip; the final nine, espresso. All the cups would be numbered, but the tasters would not know which countries the numbers represented. Their ratings would determine the winner of the eighth Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award. Each juror had been issued a curved, Illy-designed, low-scoop spoon, for precision sipping, and an iPad, for keeping score.

I know my good friend RKZ wasn’t part of the judging panel which is a glaring omission. But that’s just me.

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