What knives does Salt Bae use?

Folks wanted to know what salt Salt Bae used and now they want to know what knives he uses. So here’s the what I found during my research (read: Google searches):

Tools for The Discriminating Chef wrote a piece called Salt Bae and His Knife that claimed the Turkish restaurateur used breaking knives:

The talented chef cuts through his beef with ease using a 10″ breaking knife. While everyone is talking about his chiseled good looks, viral fame and his delicious cuts of beef; we want to focus on the knife and why it smoothly cuts through beef.


The knife is used to “break” through skin, light cartilage, and small bones. It is also pretty good at slicing and carving fat (As we have seen Mr. Gökçe do multiple times through his videos).

To be more specific, it appears Salt Bae uses F Dick breaking knives but if you can’t afford those, you can always try Dalstrong or Pirge (for UK readers).

What kind of salt does Salt Bae use?

While not a burning question (it came up 3 times in the last 28 days), the phrase “what kind of salt does Salt Bae use?” came up in Google search data so I thought I’d answer it directly. My research lead me to an article called “In Defense of Salt Bae” by Daniela Galarza:

Salt Bae is the world’s newest celebrity chef, but with his internet fame, Gökçe has lost some of the credibility he earned while building his steakhouse empire in Turkey. What most of Gökçe’s fans and foes are missing is that, in spite of the distracting show (and ignoring the fickle whims of the Department of Health), Salt Bae’s salting technique is actually on point.

But further down, I got the answer I needed:

At his New York City restaurant, Gökçe pulls off his signature move using Maldon flakes. “He says salt is essential because it brings out flavor,” a spokesperson told Eater, “especially when finishing off meat.” Nusr-Et currently goes through at least five large buckets of pricey — but delicious — Maldon per week.

So there you have it: Salt Bae uses Maldon salt on his overpriced steaks. It’s a UK brand that’s hand harvesting and has been since 1882 according to their website. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it from Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Tesco (you can contact them for wholesale inquiries).