Someone found the CD player from Batman Returns

The Bat CD player which is actually a 1991 Emerson AD2525 Compact Disk Player

One of my favourite scenes from Batman Returns is when Bruce scratched a CD in his Bat-CD player. A user named agliarept on the RPF forum went on search for the exact model and eventually found it:

After a lot of random cd player searches, I finally found the one utilized for the Batman Returns player. Matched every part of the player and even the laser diode/mount holes match up exactly.

1991 Emerson AD2525 Compact Disk Player (Same year the film was getting made)

Just ordered one and going to replicate this soon.

Wonder if the lid was just trimmed and repainted or if another lid was used to replace it.

I can finally rest now lol.

No news yet on whether he managed to get the Bat symbol on it but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

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