ICJ orders Israel to take actions that "prevent acts of genocide in Gaza"

I’m gonna keep it real: I’m not equipped to unpack what this ICJ ruling is but the gist is that court has made a list of demands for Israel to “prevent acts of genocide in Gaza”. Al Jazeera has a live blog of the ruling for you to get up to speed. Here’s their tl;dr:

  • The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has delivered its ruling on the emergency measures requested by South Africa in its genocide case against Israel over its war on the Gaza Strip.
  • The court said, among others, that Israel must take steps to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza but stopped short of ordering a ceasefire.

Here are my thoughts: initially, I thought that this was a positive start and while I want to see where this ruling goes, I thought “demands” in this recap were a bit off?

  • The court says it has jurisdiction to rule in the case.
  • The court orders Israel to take measures to prevent acts of genocide in the Gaza Strip, must report back in one month.
  • The court says Israel must prevent and punish incitement to genocide in the Strip.
  • The court says Israel must allow humanitarian aid into the Strip.
  • The court obliges Israel to take more measures to protect Palestinians but does not order it to end military operations in the Strip.

Like, genocide is being committed and people have already been murdered in their thousands so being ordered to allow aid to the people you’re trying to wipe off the planet seems… strange to me? I can’t find the words. And “take more measures to protect Palestinians”? The Israeli government wants them dead. Why would they suddenly protect them? They knew people would disapprove but also knew they couldn’t be stopped and they haven’t been up to now (and arguably for a while longer).

I know I said this requires nuance etc. but ending genocide and suffering untold consequences is a hard rule for me and seeing some of these requests (because they now feel more like requests rather than demands) rub me up the wrong way. I want a ceasefire, punishment, systemic change, and for it to never happen again and I don’t care how unrealistic or idealistic my demands are. My thoughts and support are with the Palestinians, not authorities with no care for the oppressed.

Free Palestine. Ceasefire now.

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