Hard Drive on Bob Chapek

I chuckled at the headline and the laughs kept coming:

Bob Chapek Announces Disney- to House All Their Old Racist Shit

Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced this week that the media giant will be launching a second streaming service, Disney-, to house the massive amount of racist material the company has produced in its nearly 100-year history.

“Our longstanding policy of diversity and inclusiveness is something we’re very proud of here at the house of mouse,” explained Chapek in a prepared statement. “That’s why we’re excited to offer a service for millions of Racist-Americans. Be they Neo Nazis, KKK members, or just your Uncle Kevin who misses ‘the way things used to be,’ they’ll all feel at home on Disney-.”

I’m always unsure whether to include satirical stuff on the site but I couldn’t pass this up. I’ll be adding more as they become relevant and continue to make me laugh.

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